N-timer™ Technology

N-timer molecule is small designed protein composed of a highly specific binderintegrated into a modular peptide structure that confers unique functionality.   

The core of N-timer technology starts with our development process to create the specific targetting binders based on the desired and necessary requirements for the specific study or experiment.  The iterative screenings and generation processes facilitate the selection of binders from various pools (containing 1 to < 200 million individual sequences) with the desired physicochemical characteristics (hydrophobic, ionic, etc.) to produce functional “alpha”prototypes.  

N-timer™ technology allows inclusion of requested characteristics:

  • Type of binding (hydrophobic, ionic, mixed, etc.)
  • Size of binder varies from 3 to 10 amino acids
  • Targeting site (active site, specific sequence, conformation)
  • Strength of binding (Kd, on/off rate)
  • And other alterable characteristics


One development path from the preclinical models to the clinical needs.

Speak to us and we can provide a solution.

N-timer™ molecule | Live Cell Imaging