About N-tigen Insights AB

N-tigen Insights AB is a biotechnology company focused on creating high affinity N-timer™ molecules for imaging specific intracellular targets in live cells.

No more fusion proteins to fluorescent proteins.
No more fixing and permeabilization!
No more killing cells and limiting your options! 

It all started with our own work. We needed an easier and robust solution for our own research efforts. We found that antibodies and fusion proteins were not meeting our needs.

Why do we have to use complex molecular tools to create a fused protein with a fluorescent protein?
Why do we have to kill cells to see our internal biomarker targets?
How can we take a developed preclinical reagent and then use it in vivo or translate for use in a clinical setting.

In a late night brainstorming session,  the N-timer™ molecule was born.
N-timer™ molecule allows us to deliver tools for live cell staining of internal protein markers specifically.

It is now possible to  sort the cells and get specific cells for downstream analysis and experiments.

These N-timer™ molecules are useful in a variety of applications, i.e. in vitro cellular imaging, diagnostics and in vivo imaging in research and clinical niches. In short, we exploit the protein to protein interactions of nature to create unique offerings for our clients.

We are collaborating with the researchers globally.

See the world the way we do.






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