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Dr. Bradley Thatcher– we miss you deeply!

Bradley 05-1N-tigen Insights lost a great friend, scientist and thinker. A man with unique insights to create and deliver magic in protein science. Solving difficult puzzles brought great joy to Bradley.

He lived his life to the fullest, experiencing all the highs and lows. His last few months ended on a high note. He saw a paper submitted, filed a patent, saw the products he developed on the website and looked forward to a long earned break.

My close friend and colleague passed away too suddenly and young. We will miss him and his contributions to the world.

Dr. Thatcher passed away on Wednesday, 5 November 2014.  He is survived by two daughters, his two sisters, his parents, brother-in-law, nieces and nephews.

We send our condolences to his colleagues, friends and family on this sad occasion. 



N-timer™ molecules Available Now!

N-timer™ molecules are small, highly specific and can complement your antibody work.

N-tigen Insights is proud to announce the major introduction of our first set of 12 N-timer™ molecules allowing researchers to visualize specific internal proteins of interest for imaging of live cells.

Introductory Pricing on all N-timer™ products. Limited time offer.

You can now see or sort cells based on internal biomarker(s). These molecules are engineered to meet your own needs to label internal targets, without the intensive labor of creating fusion proteins and transgenic models. It also allows you to mark or sort your cells and keep the cells viable for further experiments.

First Patent Filed on N-timer™ molecules

Another major milestone for N-tigen Insights and its N-timer™ technology.

These molecules are versatile tools for researchers allowing them to visualise proteins found inside the cells. The first set of N-timer™ molecules focus on diabetes, neuroscience and cancer.

Unique tools for live cell imaging, FACs or cell sorting.


N-tigen Insights succeeds at VINNOVA!

N-tigen Insights is excited to be recognized by VINNOVA as one of its “Unga Innovativ Företag”. Their support provides us with an opportunity to make a mark in Sweden and to provide our customers with our N-timer™ molecules to enable their research. The award speaks for our technology and Chief Science Officer’s ingenuity and know-how. N-tigen Insights AB is a resident company inside Lund Life Science Incubator in Medicon Village site.