N-tigen Insights introduces new tools, N-timer™ molecules. These molecules are designed/engineered to fit an application and perform according to user-defined requirements.

The company focuses on creating alternatives to antibodies, where the antibody structure, epitope and other characteristics are not easily adaptable for a number of applications.  These applications include: in vitro live cell  imaging, diagnostics and in vivo imaging in research and clinical niches, where antibodies are used.

N-timer™ molecules are small (<5kD), cell-penetrant, confer specific high affinity targeting to internal targets.

  • No permeabilisation and fixation needed.
  • Cells remain viable for downstream studies.
  • Complements your antibody panels.
  • Rapid staining and destaining.
  • Lower background, unbound molecules leave the cell during washes.

N-timer™ molecules are designed to retain the binding characteristics of antibodies and offers additional advantages. For example, N-timer™ molecule can be used to visualize intracellular targets in live cells.  N-timer™ molecules exploit the protein to protein interactions of nature to create unique offerings addressing a challenge.